Révvi Intense Hot Gel

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Prolonged warming gel for warming in sports and the warming of aching muscles , tendons and joints.

Use with:

  • for warming up muscles and stimulating blood circulation
  • in preparation and after treatment for competitions and (sports) performances
  • for neck and back complaints, rheumatism, arthrosis and chronic muscle and joint disorders

When to use:

✅ (B) Before : indicated for exercise and preventive against pain
✅ (D) During : indicated during exercise and moments of pain
✅ (A) After : indicated as follow-up treatment after exercise


  • Red Grape Leaves : Heals blood vessels and improves circulation
  • Horse chestnut : inhibits inflammation of blood vessels and improves circulation
  • Melissa officinalis : has an anti-inflammatory effect


  • daily Usage k
  • spread 2 to 3 fingers thick
  • massage briefly and let it take effect
  • wash hands after use
  • avoid eye contact
  • not for internal use