Révvi Fresh Feet Gel

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Refreshing and gentle healing voetgel for the daily care of tired and overworked feet.

Use with:

  • as a care gel during and after a foot cure
  • as a massage gel after a (sports) effort; ideal for runners, walkers, field and indoor athletes, ...
  • as a treatment gel for intensive professionals; catering, nurses, logistics, ...

When to use:

✅ (B) Before : appropriate for application before work or sports
✅ (D) During : appropriate for use during work or sports
✅ (A) After : appropriate for use after work or sports


  • Chamomile : has a calming, healing and restorative effect on the (recently cared for) skin
  • Eucalyptus : Sanitizes the skin and has skin cell strengthening properties
  • Rosemary : stimulates circulation and strengthens the nervous system


  • for daily use
  • spread 2 to 3 fingers thick
  • massage briefly and let it take effect
  • wash hands after use
  • avoid eye contact
  • not for internal use