Révvi Ice Cold Gel

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Strong cooling gel for a long-lasting and deep-acting cooling of sensitive , bruised or inflamed muscles and tendons .

Use with:

  • for cooling muscles and tendons and reducing pain stimuli
  • for the treatment of sprains , swelling , overload , ...
  • in young adolescents who suffer from growing pains

! TIP:
Cover the pain area thickly, wrap it in with cling film and let it work for a long time (approx. 12 hours) for a deep-acting and effective healing.

When to use:

✅ (B) Before : analgesic effect when applied (before exercise)
⚪ (D) During: little contribution when applied during exercise
✅ (A) After : analgesic effect when applied after exercise


  • Field mint : fast healing and antispasmodic effect
  • Camphor : for a pain-relieving feeling and a direct stimulation of the blood circulation
  • Mint Oil : Provides immediate cooling upon application


  • daily Usage k
  • spread 2 to 3 fingers thick
  • massage briefly and let it take effect
  • wash hands after use
  • avoid eye contact
  • not for internal use